Latest News

Hi Everyone, 

In last update we mentioned a change in the housing for an enhanced ergonomic design and assembly. After testing many versions we have chosen the following housing design based on the fit, look, usability and manufacturability. Today we would like to share the new housing with all of you and we hope you like it!

UX Design:

We outlined our thinking for the UX design in the last update, and we are continuing to push in that direction. We have been trying to work with CSR, however, they are proving difficult to work with,  To work around this issue we’re working with a group of engineers, Happiest Mind, they have worked with CSR before and they have access to CSR - SDK.

We have decided to use NFMI technology (Near-field magnetic induction communication) to connect the two earbuds instead of RF Bluetooth, however, we will still use Bluetooth to connect the earbuds to the streaming source. The advantage of using NFMI for communication between earbuds, instead of Bluetooth,  is that the NFMI transceiver chip offers low power, high bandwidth and increased processing capabilities and flexibility. Additionally, NFMI technology provides the ability to create a very reliable network in and around the human body while streaming high-quality audio over small distances, it is also less susceptible to interference compared to 2.4 GHz transceivers. 

There are a few semiconductors companies like (NXP, Freelink and sonion) that produce NFMI transceiver chips combined with bluetooth, we have been in touch with all of them; NXP told us that this technology is reserved for high volume projects, I believe NXP will not work with a small start-up like us because they’re working with Apple.

We have been in touch with freeLink CEO but nothing has been finalized yet, we will have a meeting with him sometimes this week to check if the company will support our design and work with us without an initial huge capital investment.

Production Plan

We know you waited a long time and we’re getting there. Here is our updated production plan:

Production Schedule

EVT (Engineering Verification Test): End of January
DVT (Design Verification Test): End of January
PVT (Production Verification Test): End of February
Shipping Dates: End of March
Delivery Dates: Between March to April

Until Next Time
Alto team