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The last 2 weeks we have been working hard to get the mass production started, this week we visited our new CM in Canada and we had a meeting and factory tour, where we went through all the details from electronic design to the mechanical design. We discussed all the small details that are holding the production back.  According to the CM feedback we need further optimization in the following two areas in order to start the production. 

1. Wire length and fitting inside the housing: There was an issue with fitting the wiring between the battery, speaker and PCB, the CM saying it's very hard to fit them all quickly in the final stage of the assembly 

2. Charging:  They were also saying that the charging specifications were not clear and need more updates  

Updating the engineering documents and solving these issues will take about another week, and we are still targeting to start production of a few hundred during this month.

We will also be visiting the factory again next week to discuss the updates and confirm the schedules 

Here’s a video and pics from this week’s visit:



We decided to move the production to Canada for two reasons;

1. The pre-production units that came from China weren't very good and it had a lot of problems, especially with the housing. 

2. Communication with China was particularly challenging due to the time difference - during the mass production communication is critical because it's inevitable that problems will arise and being able to solve them quickly with smooth communication is really important.

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Alto Team