How Music can better make you focus at Work

Music is the diet for the spirit it’s like something that delights us from the inside. Music has been a part of our personal and social lives since the prehistoric times. The first music that the human race discovered was probably that of the chirping of birds and the flow of water from waterfalls and through the streams. A number of studies and researches have confirmed the positive effects of music on the working of the human mind and it has been established that music can actually increase your productivity.

Does music help you focus? Yes, but only if you listen to it on quality equipment.

According to a new study at the Mozart Institute of Music Germany, music listened on quality equipment that has no noise and is well composed and is played in high definition does affect your productivity positively. In fact the interaction of music with the thinking process and focusing ability of the human mind has always been questioned and the answer is that if you like the music being played and the music is being played on quality equipment, it will definitely help you focus better and be more efficient.

According to a study published in the Journal “Scientific Reports”, the music of your liking has a positive effect on your mind and its overall functional capabilities. In this study, the researchers from Wake Forest School of Medicine and the University of North Carolina Greensboro closely examined 21 young volunteers. The volunteers’ minds were examined using MRI CAT scanners while they were listening to music of varied genre. The selected tracks included "Movement I from Symphony No.5" by Beethoven (classical), "Water" by Brad Paisley (country), "OMG" by Usher (rap/hip-hop), "Rock 'N Roll All Nite" by KISS (rock) and "Spring Hall" by the Chinese Jinna Opera Band (a not so familiar genre).

The volunteers were listening to their own favourite genre of music as their minds were studied closely with specific machinery and 15 out of the 21 people reported that they could focus better on their thoughts while their favourite song was being played to them. This was also consistent with the findings of the brain function scanning with CAT and MRI. The rest of the volunteers felt no significant positive or negative change but their scans also showed increased brain ability.

Another interesting finding was that the people showed and felt negative effects on thinking ability when the same music was played on substandard equipment. This point here is very significant, if there are interruptions and noise in the music, its effects are reversed. 

The relationship between music and the working of brain has been studied in a number of other studies too and the common results have been that the music effects the working of the mind in two conditions one is when the music is the one liked by the listener and the second is that the quality of music recording and playback must be excellent.

The effects of music on the human mind were known even to the ancient man. The soldiers of the ancient armies were entertained with specific tunes and symphonies during the war to remind them of their purpose and make them fight with great valour.

The most evident effect of music is that on the repetitive tasks. For example, an accountant has to play with numbers all the day or a maths student has top solve the same boring equations all the time. Such sorts of work can decrease your productivity quite easily but music can keep you lively and active during such sort of tasks. 

The point has always been established that listening to the music of your liking can help you focus better at your tasks but another important point is yet to be discussed and it is about the presence of discreet human sounds in the music. Wee! Studies have found that the music without lyrics is better than the one with lyrics. In some cases the music with lyrics may even disrupt your attention and focus as the mind may start thinking about the lyrics instead of the real task. However, this is not the case with everyone; some people find music with lyrics as a tonic to increase productivity. For the majority the instrumental music is better to focus on something.

Volume of the music is one very important thing in its interaction with the mind. Listening to too loud music has little positive effects. Music played in low volume is the best to focus better on a specific task. 

Some researchers even say that the effect of music on mind is much like the placebo effect. It has no physiological interaction with the human mind and the effects experienced by the listener are only of psychological nature.


As a concluding word, it can be said that for majority of people, music has a positive effect on the thinking and focus process and it does help increase the brain’s problem solving, focus and analytical abilities. Some things about the music you are listening must be noted here

  • You must be listening to the music you really like
  • The music must be played in low volume
  • The music playback apparatus used must be of good quality
  • Music with no lyrics has a better affect

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