Production Process Update

The production Process:

As we mentioned in the last update we have finished the last iteration of the PCB and we are working on fabricating it for the pilot production, which is scheduled to start soon.

Last iteration of PCB design: 


PCB Firmware: 

We’re also working with a new hire on finishing the firmware for the PCB we are expecting this to be done early next week for the PcB to be ready for the pilot Production.

Engineering Documentation:

Assembly Documentation: All the assembly documentations are now ready for pilot production.


The earbuds including the new PCB :

What’s next?
We’re working on finishing these documents for the mass production
Commercials and regulatory documents: countries of sale and MSRP, regulatory requirements, acceptable margin structure, timeline for product refresh lifetime.
Durability and packaging : requirements, cycles of various sub-systems, packaging.
Environmental and service: operating temperature and humidity, description of serviceability and returns process, customer support system.

Until Next Time
Alto Team