Ten songs to listen to in the morning

Music is a very specific thing. For every given occasion, there is a different sort of music for any given occasion and state of mind. When you are upset, you like to listen different songs then you like when you are excited. If you start your day with some nice and energetic music, you can feel the energy throughout the day and will have a better day.

We have made for you a list of 10 amazing songs which will charge you up for the challenges of another day if you start your day with them.

1. Simon and Garfunkel – Sound of Silence

Sung by two of the greatest singers of the 60’s the song is probably the best option as a song to be heard to start the day. The song starts with a slow tempo and light beats with inspiring lyrics changing into fast beats and energetic lines. The sound quality of the singers is next level. Very few vocalists are blessed with the vocal power of that level. The song will surely charge you up if you listen it while waking up or during the morning walk.

2. Jock Jams – Are You ready for This

One of the best songs to be set as a morning alarm especially in the ending days of the week when your mental and physical faculties resist too much against your getting out of the bed. The music composition will fill your body with a fresh spark making you able to go out and face the world once more. Listening to this awesome composition you will feel like someone is blowing a sense of new life into your body energizing you mentally and physically.

3. The Lion King – The Circle Of Life

Who says the only thing to give your morning a jump start is a double shot of espresso? The starting of the lion king which goes like AAHHHH ZABENYA is nothing lesser than an auditory equivalent of strong black coffee.  After a long night’s sound sleep, you will wake up with a new spirit of conquering the world. However, you may feel nostalgia and want to go back to the good old days when the only thing you had to worry about was the next episode of your favourite Lion King cartoons.

4. The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name

The extremely high up beat and the catchy lyrics make it a perfect morning song. If you have trouble waking up or do not want to wake up in the morning due to lack of energy or motivation, this song can help you out. Plugin a pair of nice Earbuds and let the bass handle the rest. Even if you are out in the park for a morning walk, this can be an amazing track to listen to especially when the lyrics go to the chorus “That’s not my name”

5. Disturbed – Glass Shattered (Stone Cold Steve Austin Theme)

Anyone who has been a fan of wrestling in the late 90’s and early 2000’s should remember what the Disturbed signified. The band produced some of the best audio tracks of the time but Glass shattered is one of the best of all the times. If you want to start the morning with a mood to indifferent and highly passionate about your goal, this is the track you need to start your day with. The type of energy this song delivers is analogous with the energy that enabled the soldiers of ancient armies fight ruthlessly. 

6. Hans Zimmer The Dark Knight Theme

Good Morning. You have started your day as Batman striving hard to save Gotham from the evils of the world. This is some other kind of energy. Go ahead and utilize that to save your life from any sort of upcoming hardships.

7. Nat King Cole & George Shearing – Pick Yourself Up

Many people relate this song with graphic images of mass murdering of the inmates in the prison for the ones who are not much pessimistic, this song has a good beat and the old school jingle will enable you to forget the difficulties, get up, dress up and never give up.

8. OutKast – Hey Yaa! 

OutKast’s name alone is enough to explain why this song is an excellent option to welcome a new day. If you still have a doubt, play it and clear all your doubts. This is the type of song which will not let you sit still. You will get up and get going. It has the exact type of energy needed to start a day in the best way.

9. Isley Brothers – Shout

The 60’s party jingle may annoy you a little bit like being woke up by a noisy roomie does but it is okay. Once the song starts, you will feel like someone is speaking in your head that you can do it, ensuring you that you are capable of anything. 

10. Zombie Nation – KernKraft

In writing this article for you people, the greatest effort I had to put in was to find out the name of this song and the title of the artist. All I knew was some song which goes like oh oh oh and nothing else. I had to listen to a number of songs and consult some close friends whom I party with to recall what the song was known as. I won’t say anything about this one. Just Google it out, play it and find out.

Honorary mention: The Arcane Dominion – Eluviete

There are two situations when this song proves to be the best track. One is when you are driving down a beautiful road and second is when you have just woken up in the morning. One of the best ever pieces of metal music, this is a good option to start the day with.

Until Next Time
Alto Team