How the audio quality of your Earbuds can affect hearing ?

Listening to music is a great experience if you have the perfect instruments for it. Bad quality audio equipment can not only spoil the listening experience but is also harmful for ears themselves. It is not only the loudness of the music heard over Earbuds but also the quality of the Earbuds that can affect the hearing ability of the listener.

Earbuds are used everywhere, we use them to make calls, listen to music and watch videos. They are some of the very important things of our lives. They ought to be healthy and safe to be used in any situation.  

How Earbuds can interact with the ears in an unsafe way?

To answer this question, we need to look into the working mechanism of the ear itself. The ear functions by the virtue of an eardrum and three miniature bones connected to them. When the sound wave enters the ear, it vibrates the diaphragm called the eardrum and it transfers the vibrations to the bones which then relay them to the nerves which take the signal to the brain to be interpreted. If the vibrations are too violent, the mechanism can be irreversibly damaged.

How to find out if a pair of Earbuds is good for the ears or not?

Well! The doctors have laid down specific parameters to determine whether or not certain Earbuds are good for the ears but as a personal method of judging the Earbuds, if you notice any kind of disturbance, irritation or pain like symptoms in the ear after using the Earbuds, they are not good for your ears. The Earbuds that are good for the ears never cause pain or other disturbances.

1. The Size of the Earbuds

Size of the Earbuds is a factor usually overlooked while selecting a pair of Earbuds. It is a very important factor. The ear’s internal structure is a very delicate one. If the Earbuds are too thin and long in size, they can enter the ear too deep. This can disturb the internal structure of the ear causing severe damage to the internal organs. On the other hand if they are too thick they may not fit into the ears very well spoiling the listening experience.

2. The Maximum Sound Output

The maximum sound output of the Earbuds is the most important factor when it comes to the hearing health and the wellbeing of ears. Ann]y sound above the intensity of 120 decibels is marked unsafe for the ears by the doctors. Listening to such sounds can cause severe pain in the ears and may lead to permanent hearing loss or ear damage. The poor quality Earbuds are not designed to any specifications. These have outrageously high sounds which may be pleasurable to hear at the start but can eventually lead to hearing damage. The sound marking on an Earbuds must be checked when selecting them. As a scale of the sound, an average household vacuum cleaner working at 6 feet from you sends you a sound of 85 decibels.

3. The frequency of sound

Frequency of the sound generated by the Earbuds is also a very important factor when it comes to the effects of Earbuds on the ears. The human ear is designed by Nature to hear sounds from 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency. Certain frequencies may be disturbing and others may even be damaging for the ears. A quality pair of Earbuds is designed keeping in mind the safe listening frequencies of the human ears and they do not interact with the ear in such a manner as is dangerous or harmful. Listening to the harmful frequencies can decrease the sensitivity of the ears, leading to loss of hearing or inability to comprehend feeble sounds. 

4. The Quality of sound

Apart from the analytical properties concerning the sound wave the Earbuds are sending into your ears, another thing that is very important is the overall audio quality of the Earbuds. This is something above and beyond just the documented values of the sound. It concerns the things like the disturbances in the sound and the vibrations produced in the body of the Earbuds when music is played in them. Apart from being highly annoying, these disturbing sounds are very harmful for the ears. If you buy the substandard Earbuds, you will experience the disturbances like these quite very often. The best solution to this is to have a pair of Earbuds that is designed by a team of experts and has no noise in the sound no matter what is the frequency or the amplitude of the sound being played. 

5. The quality of parts used in them

Last but not the least are the parts used to construct the Earbuds which determine how good or bad they are for the ears. Although the parts themselves have nothing to do with the working mechanism of the ears but the sound generated by the Earbuds depends solely on these parts.

It has now been established that the Earbuds have a lot to do with the ears and it is highly advisable to use good quality Earbuds that do not do harm to the ears. Some companies manufacture Earbuds that are marked safe for the ears and are very highly overpriced. It would not be an exaggeration to say that some of them are literally unaffordable for common people.

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