4 Sure Ways to Improve Your Memory Skills

Often times, our minds tend to refer to the past in order to determine what we should do next. That’s when we come to realize the importance of memory. Did you know that you can easily predict the future if you have a strong memory? How cool is that? I mean you can get the time to prepare for the future if you have the ability to predict what is coming ahead. Thus, your survival depends on your memory’s strength.

There are things that can negatively or positively affect your memory. Your brain should be able to retrieve what happened in the past in order to lay down memory. Everything you’ve experienced throughout your life—from the experience of life traumas, world events, cultural influences, environmental toxins, nutrition, love and nurturance, especially during brain development and early life—affect your brain on how you interpret life and your self-perception.

You will better serve your memory if you do things that help you access feelings of love and offset stress. For example, if you are experiencing difficulties with your relationship, your mind will reflect on the past and see how you have been able to overcome similar situations. Additionally, let’s say your brain finds memories of never being supported by your boss, causing you to feel more upset and stressed.

This in turn can lead you to shut down your ability to think sharply and may cause sleepless nights, more worries and stress.

Interestingly, you can acquire positive belief and feelings of security and pleasure if you embrace the memories of love experiences. This is because love stimulates oxytocin, a hormone that reduces anxiety, protects dopamine neurone, and reduces stress response activity. That means more access to your healthier memory, higher thinking and cognition, and positive memories.

Here is how you can improve your memory skills:

1. Exercise every day

Exercising and doing regular workouts is the key to stimulating the massive neural network in your brain. You should do workouts that involve both physical and mental tasks. Choose workouts that you enjoy doing like Yoga, Jogging, Hiking or even dancing to your finest tune - I do that more often and I can’t resist the fact that it makes me enjoy myself and feel more relaxed and energized.

2. Laugh and Play

Yes, you heard me right. You should find activities that make you happy and having fun with your friends is one of them. Try focusing on making play part of your routine, feeling good, having fun and making new friendships.

Actually, laughter has been proven to prolong our lives and it makes the brain more productive and healthy. Have you ever noted that children enjoy learning in playful atmospheres? Yes, that’s true and the same applies to us.

3. Meditate

I always start my day with meditation- at least 20 minutes a day or more. It helps me connect with my whole body. It draws my concentration and attention nearer. Try to start your day with some sort of activity that lets you meditate and connect with your memory. Scientists and health experts have proven that constant meditation can lead to positive effects on our brains, hence improving one’s memory. For example, when meditating, you can focus on how the air gets in and out, when breathing in in and out respectively.

4. Maintain a healthy diet

Eat nature and avoid processed foods at all cost. Our ancestors never ate processed foods and they lived longer. I believe the same should apply to us. Eating healthy and balanced diet provides the brain with the nutrients it needs to function better.

Foods like fruits and vegetables will fuel your brain and keep it from getting inflamed. On the other hand, foods high in simple sugars and bad fat are toxic to the brain and can induce oxidative stress, poor insulin regulation and inflammatory cycle.

Therefore, up your game and implement the above ways on how to improve your memory skills. The results will leave you rejuvenated and yearning for more.

Until Next Time
Alto Team