10 ways using Earbuds can make you more productive

Music has been proven to be a tonic for the mind. It helps us think and focus better and be more productive at work. Another point clarified by the researchers is that if you do not like the music being played, it can affect the mind negatively. When working at a workplace like an office, listening to music can make you a lot more productive but if you listen to it on open volume, it can be a source of distraction for your fellows. The best way is to listen to music in ear buds. This will not only save your colleagues from the music (if they don’t like it) but will also make you more productive. Here are 10 ways by which Earbuds can be amazing productivity boosters.

1. You are no longer prone to the noises

In offices, usually there is a lot of hustle. People talk loudly and cause disturbances which break your focus and you cannot work at your optimum level. If you can somehow bypass the noise, you can get rid of the distractions and work more productively. The best way is to replaces those annoying noises with your favourite piece of music which is only possible by using good Earbuds as you cannot make the whole office listen to your favourite song.

2. Distractions are reduced to half

Indistinctive noise is not the only distraction while being in an office. There are a lot of other things too. People come and start discussing something of your interest and you feel like attracted to the conversation or feel it necessary to participate in the debate. At the end of the day all these things take a negative toll on your overall productivity. The best solution is to plug in a pair of quality Earbuds and listen to some nice symphony instead of getting involved in useless talk.

3. Annoying comments do not stress you out

Some people in the office do nothing but just have to make useless and annoying comments on you and others like you who want to be productive and want to work hard. Such comments destroy the mood and ultimately the productivity is put at stake. If you hear to your own music, not paying heed to the negative comments, you can easily increase your productivity. This will also keep you away from the mental tension and stress caused by such type of useless comments.

4. You stay away from all that office gossip and politics

Every office is full of gossip and it is especially about the boss or the higher ups. This type gossip is a useless thing and has absolutely zero benefit. Even if you sit in the office working vey devotedly, you cannot help becoming an active part of that gossip. If you are wearing a pair of headphones and are indifferent from the surroundings and the gossip/politics going on, your productivity will be way ahead of that of your colleagues at the end of the day. 

5. Music Increases your productivity

This is not just that the Earbuds increase your productivity by shielding you against the surrounding distractions and noises. What’s being played in the Earbuds is also important. Studies have suggested that if you like the music being played, it increases the thinking ability of your mind, hence increasing your ability to work and your productivity. These findings apply to the majority of the population.

6. Music can also motivate you

What do you think was the purpose of music the ancient armies played at the time of war? It was meant to motivate the soldiers to the extent where they fight heartlessly without caring about their life even. That is an extreme case of motivation with music but on a lighter note, the music can help you be motivated to the work you have been assigned with. Many people do still use music for motivation while training in the gym or performing extreme sports. 

7. People do not disturb you

When you have plugged the Earbuds in, people assume that you are busy with something and avoid talking to you or disturbing you as much as possible. This lets you focus on the work better and perform more efficiently. 

8. They can actually save you from stress when working in a noisy area

Working in a noisy are, like a machine room, literally sucks. It can drive you crazy practically in a matter of days. After working in such a place for a couple of hours, the brain gets tired like it does after an eight hours shift in a normal place. Earbuds can help you stay fresh in such an area as they replace the surrounding sounds with your liked music. Care must be taken and vigilance be observed while using Earbuds at such places as inability to hear properly in such a place can lead to serious consequences.

9. You can stay connected to your phone without having to touch it

Moving the hand to the pocket to take the phone out also takes time. While you are using Earbuds, you do not have to do it. You can answer the calls and listen to narrated texts without having to touch the phone so you are free to work with both the hands all the time.

10. You are lesser tired after doing more work

Listening to good music keeps the mind pleasured during the whole course of work at the office so in the evening you still feel fresh and can join a side job or can just enjoy your time.

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Alto Team