The 3 Disciplines of achievers

3 Disciplines that will automatically boost your productivity

We can’t run away from daily distractions but there’s a way one can avoid them. I remember when I used to work in a busy city with noise all over. I always assumed that the noise didn’t cause much impact on my job but the inverse was true. Yes, I acted on a fear of missing out by allowing the vibrations, dings and beeps to interject. That’s my example of how I couldn’t escape distractions. You might relate to that and I will tell you for sure that our productivity suffers because of it.

The good news is that we can separate ourselves from that mindset only if we make a conscious choice and I can’t lie to you—it takes real effort. High achievers adopt and practice disciplines that help them in their daily endeavours.

If you don’t have any goals in your life, then you will have to create goals and work towards achieving them at all cost. The following disciplines will help you focus and avoid losing direction towards heading for your set goals.

Discipline of Believing in Yourself

We often think of achieving great milestones. The first step to achieving your goal is when you believe in whatever you do. You must be ready to put in much effort and spend more time on constructive projects. The level of commitment to belief is what separates the high achiever from the average person.

If you can construct and think of something productive in your mind, then know that you have the capability of doing it. The world is going to get out of your way from that point on.

Discipline of Identifying and Avoiding Distractions

Like I said before, sometimes it is tricky to eliminate distractions but you should fight hard to avoid them. They waste your time and money. Focus should come in automatically the moment you win your fight over distractions. Always remember that the world around us is structured to cause interruptions. 

On the other hand, you can encounter series of interruptions if you fail in eliminating even the simplest form of distraction. Hence, it is critical to identify what prevents you from achieving your goals and eliminate them immediately.

An example of an obvious distraction is a Smartphone. Many people find it hard to keep their phones away even for a minute. They feel that they are lifeless without checking into their phones after every few seconds or even minutes. I can relate to this. But I decided it was time to take action. I always put my phone’s screen facing down so that I don’t see the light whenever there is a notification. It has worked for me and my productivity has tremendously improved.

Time Management Discipline

Every day, we have tasks before us that need our attention. Unless we utilize the time we have accordingly, then many will find themselves leaving tasks unaccomplished or doing them halfway. It all depends on how we plan ourselves.

Often times, we tend to think that we have a lot of time hence we miss the point that time flies away pretty fast. At the end of the day we will all need to get things done. I prefer finishing heavy tasks early in the day, followed by lighter tasks later in the day. 

There’s time for everything and with that in mind, there is time for resting and relaxing the mind. Scientists and health experts have proven that the mind gets more productive when we get enough sleep. Eight hours of sleep will make you feel cool and more energized for the next day’s activities.

Until Next Time, 
Alto Team