Quick Update

Hello Backers!

In our last update we put up our projected timeline so that we can give you an idea of what’s to come. According to our timeline we were suppose to receive our 2nd pre- production unit on the 1st of July. We have not received it yet but we are expecting to receive it sometime in this upcoming week. Once we get the 2nd pre- production unit we can get started with the package design which is exciting!

In our last iteration we fixed some problems that we found with the design, including the charging speed, Concha lock edges and upgraded to a better filter for the speakers.

The Final BOM

We have updated the BOM and have added new suppliers for customs parts. Our next step is to finalize the details with our CM, such as process type, material finish, material additives, lead time and MOQ.

Next Steps

Assembly Instruction:

We are working with our CM to finalize the assembly instruction for the first build. We are expecting to have this done by next week.

Test instruction:

Our QC plan is also in the works. We will share more details about this plan once it is ready.

More About Alto:

We will be attending STARTUPFEST in Montreal next week where we will have a chance to meet and pitch Alto to investors as well as hear the stories of other start up companies. 

Until Next Time,
Team Alto