A Very Important Update

As mentioned in the last update we had received our pre- production unit but there were problems with the size. In this update we will discuss what the problems were and how we are planning to fix them. 

PCB Re-design:


We have completed the selection of the components of the PCB and have moved on to bread-boarding, where we completed our first fabricated boards. The board was slightly oversized so we are now working on optimizing its size. Unfortunately, this process of the design often takes at least 3-5 revisions before it is completely ready for mass production. Presently, we are expecting to iterate the design 3-4 times on the PCB to improve it until we get the ideal shape and size. When that is completed we will have the final design for mass production.

FCC ID, Certification:

We must display any FCC Id’s on both the product and the packaging, according to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) – which is the federal regulatory body that controls wireless communications for manufactured or imported goods into the US. Most connected devices must perform at least one FCC certification process. To avoid a very lengthy certification process we designed our product using an RF (wireless) module that is pre-certified by the FCC. While we still have to go through the FCC verification process, this route is far easier (and cheaper) than the normal certification process. As soon as we finalize our PCB design we will begin the process of certification. 


CE (Conformity Europécnne) is a required marking for any product that is to be imported and/or sold in the EEA (European Economic Area). Other countries and various international retailers may require this marking as well. Unlike the FCC ID, CE marks are self-declared by the manufacturer and do not require outside testing. We are just making sure that our product accommodates to a long list of certification so it can reach all our customers.We understand that this may be frustrating to hear but we are working hard to give you what we promised.

Steps Forward

We are working hard to fix this but as a result we will not be able to start shipping until September. You can review our revised schedule below. 

  You can expect bi- weekly updates on our progress. 

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We thank you for your patience. 

Until Next Time,

Team Alto