The Latest News

A lot has happened over the past few weeks and we thought it was time to fill you in. It’s time for an Alto Update!


First off, we have received our first pre- production unit so that is exciting! We are working on ways to improve the product for the next pre- production unit so that you guys can get what we promised you. Currently, it has some problems with the size and battery life. We are working with the factory to optimize the battery and size. We will receive our next pre- production unit in 2 weeks and will have another update for all of you then.


 The shipping date is fast approaching and we found a talented freelancer to design the packaging for the earbuds. 


 In the last update we talked about how we were looking to working with Futurpreneur Canada. Since then we have partnered with them and are guaranteed 45k that we should be receiving within the next 2 weeks.


 As many of you may have noticed we haven't been as active on social media as we would like to be but we are working on this. We are brainstorming ways to make creative and interesting social media content for everyone following and supporting Alto Earbuds. We currently have a Facebook, Instagram, twitter and youtube channel and are working on establishing our brand on these platforms.

 We have also made a press kit that can be found on our website. The press kit holds important information about Alto Earbuds that the media can refer to if we spark their interest. Links to publications already written about us can also be found on the press kit.


If you have visited our website since the last update you may have noticed that we installed a LiveChat option. If you got the chance to use the LiveChat option while it was up and running please email us your thoughts on whether or not you found the installation useful. 


Until next time,
Team Alto