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Hi backers, 

First we would like to follow up on our last update, as we mentioned the Canadian CM had problems with our charging system and small problems with the overall assembly. We estimated these issues to be fixed in 1-2 weeks but it took us more than a month to fix the charging issues and we're still working on the assembly issues. 

 We were not able to work in the housing until we fixed the charging system issue. Additionally, we also mentioned that we will be having a second meeting with the Canadian CM, but because we are still working on the assembly issue there was no point for going back to second meeting. As soon as we figure out the assembly issue we will schedule a meeting and update you with the result.

So now this the situation, our main focus is fixing the assembly issues, after that all the documentation and drawing should be ready for manufacturing. The CM understands that we are behind schedule and they have advised that they will put us immediately on the production line without much lead-time when the assembly issues are fixed. 

We understand you guys have been waiting for this product to ship, A lot of backers wants us to ship this product asap, as we said before in the comment section we wish to ship this product as much as you wish to receive it! We are trying to overcome many challenges on top of it we're tight on funding which is constraining our decisions and choices.

Also, as we said we can ship a product to our backers to avoid all the pressure but we feel we would like to deliver something good that will create the best experience possible. If any backers would like to get more details and information we can setup a backers Q&A via Skype. 

Until next time
 Alto Team