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Hi Everyone,
In last update we mentioned a change in the housing for an enhanced ergonomic design and assembly. After testing many versions we have chosen the following housing design based on the fit, look, usability and manufacturability. Today we would like to share the new housing with all of you and we hope you like it!

Latest News

First we would like to follow up on our last update, as we mentioned the Canadian CM had problems with our charging system and small problems with the overall assembly. We estimated these issues to be fixed in 1-2 weeks but it took us more than a month to fix the charging issues and we're still working on the assembly issues. 

Latest News

The last 2 weeks we have been working hard to get the mass production started, this week we visited our new CM in Canada and we had a meeting and factory tour, where we went through all the details from electronic design to the mechanical design. We discussed all the small details that are holding the production back.  According to the CM feedback we need further optimization in the following two areas in order to start the production. 

10 Audio Books to listen to on the Go that will Change Your Life

Books have rightly been called the best friend of man since very long. In this era of busy lives and lack of free time, it is a very difficult task to accomplish to actually read books. Technology has made a number of things easier for us and one of the blessings of technology is the audio books. We have gathered a List of ten audio books that will change your life for the good.

Why Starting a Hardware Startup is not easy?

Gone are the times when people were really well-to-do by just having a job. In this age of inflation and financial distress, surviving on a mere job with a maintained lifestyle has not remained possible anymore. It has become necessary to have multiple income streams in order to enjoy life properly. One of the best ways to earn on the side is to start a startup and once it starts generating enough money to support you, you can even leave your job and take it to the next level.

Many people think of starting a hardware startup but it may not be a very good idea. There are a number of reasons which make it difficult for a new starter especially the one with limited monetary resources and man power.